Letting go of you
I find you
another you,
another dream

Another meeting
that was meant to be
so many dancers
in one life.

So many dances
and how else
does the music reach us ?
Wed be set in our steps

But the Dance Mistress intervenes
weaving and remixing us again.
How do I know its you ?
By a light, a luminous

phosphorescence in the human face
glowing with a will of its own
signalling the free
to follow its star.

Star in our hearts
and if we stand in truth
we will never bring
each other harm.

Love is the dance
love in shyness
eros, anger and anguish
and all the unnamed feelings

that entrance us
entering us in always
to our deeper necessity.
Love and this moment

letting go
finding you, and you, and you
until the truth is known:
so many dances, but only One Rose.


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