It is good to cross the great river…
— I Ching, hexagrams 5, 13, 18, 26, 42, 59, 61

for Dinah

How wide the Thames is, you said, to its other side
across the silver millennium bridge
you always forget (and how it used to move to our steps…).

You are waiting on the other side
other as you are, in Shakespeare's shadow
and down all the centuries since (we forget).

We walk as slowly as the river together
(people push past us ahead and behind, hurrying)
till we come to our place of meeting. Wharf, edge.

Other side talks to other side
loneliness dissolves beyond black and white.
It is not simply black or white, we know.

Passion is our salvation, deep remembered song.
We trace its thread lifelong—a thread
we can only go on choosing

Passion allied to love, passion for the planet
and so to reach across all divides
to cross all great rivers, now this is the time.

In the foyer, the purple trumpets float…
You press the silver button. They slowly come alive.
We stand under them, listening, looking, shifting left to right

suspended, in awe, in all our senses, alive.

5 May 2012
South Bank

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