The air suddenly warmer as you walk out, leaving your sanctuary
the lights of the town glittering, valley-cradled below -
the moon full, cloud-clear - and the sky a lustrous darkening blue,
as you climb the road passing the lit insides of the houses...
and the woman in the late shop unusually smiles -
and a man on your way back winds down his window
grateful to be shown the way

You lift your eyes again to the hills and their rising wooded edges
and where the land falls beyond to the river and the sea
and the place is a jewel, like this moment -
you can breathe...

A chance conversation with a neighbour completes it
enough to go back inside, and continue.

Don't believe every blue evening
but if you don't, what is there to believe in ?

How else could your eyes reach
the miracle of another's in the dome of their sky ?

And how would you ever dare to meet
this ebbing sea of air reaching your feet,

How could you ever call yourself happy,
or even feel you might be about to be ?

Dream on, we need you - we all need you


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