A Third Body

Many couples today are experiencing crisis, and in many ways the old paradigm of relationship is no longer working.

We all need greater freedom – and actually greater love as well.

We need to have more understanding of each other's histories, the forces that have shaped us, and the healing we are looking for in each other through the magic of our initial attraction – a magic that can all too easily get lost.

It involves coming in to a different level of awareness that also manifests through us in our more intuitive sensing.

And it involves seeing fundamentally that there is a third body that we create through our love for each other that is what truly holds the relationship beyond being ensnared at a personality or ego level.

This third body is the true mediator for every couple and the challenges of their relationship; but may need to be held and modelled therapeutically for a while before it can be internalized by each couple.

We seek to do this in service to the specific need and opportunity of your relationship.

We seek to help you understand more of what your relationship is really about both emotionally and spiritually, helping you to find each other in an undefended way.

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