Jay Ramsay Spiritual Healing

Something isn't working in your life. You may or may not know why. But you've been thinking about it, and you're aware of some of the pieces. Your body might also be expressing this problem in the form of emotional and physical symptoms. And you may feel something central is missing that tells you what it means to be alive.

Therapy can be an adventure, a journey of deep and enriching discovery. Its essence is healing.

What makes a difference is to have a companion and guide who - as a mirror - can help us to see what we are revealing more clearly and fully than we can see it alone.

Therapy is like entering a chrysalis so that our shape can start to change

In it, we experience our feelings as well as our thoughts - both here and now, and from our history. And through expressing what we find, something else starts to build that lives its own life. This is like the pupa that becomes a butterfly. It is our new sense of life.

My work is to hold, contain and facilitate this space.

Sometimes you will be remembering or imagining. Sometimes we will be discussing and clarifying. Sometimes we'll be listening to the unique and precise language of your dream.

And always we'll be listening for what is being suggested, and making connections between parts of you as they show themselves - seeing what their gift is to you and what they need from you.

My work is rooted in the creative process: what it can motivate in us and what it can reveal. I work very much with feelings and energy as well as the mind.

I use creative techniques. I suggest creative and self-healing assignments. And I regard everything that happens in the space between us as part of an unfolding and emerging process that has an intrinsic sense of purpose that is as basic as our will to live.

I can also advise on practical aspects of your situation, with reference to other therapies.

Healing can also be part of my psychotherapy sessions, for an additional 15-20 minutes beyond the hour. The healing helps in clearing and releasing the patterns and energies worked on during the session.


I have been associated with the Institute of Psychosynthesis since 1986, where I am in supervision and accredited as a psychotherapist with UKCP.

I've also had a long term interest in mystical experience and psychic studies, running workshops in poetry, alchemy and creativity. I have studied meditation with Bob Moore in Denmark, and I have also trained as a healer with the NFSH. My core belief is that as we connect to more of who we truly are, we release healing energy in ourselves.

Psychosynthesis (pioneered by Roberto Assagioli, as a youthful member of the circle around C.G. Jung) sees us as spiritual human beings in a lifelong process of development. The goal is wholeness or synthesis, and Self-realization - 'to arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time'. That place is also our divine nature, as simple as breathing. And it is the healing.

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Where and when can I see you

Sessions take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly by arrangement in Stroud, Gloucestershire; and in London NW3. They can include work on creative projects, as well as psychotherapy and healing.

An initial interview decides the nature of the work, and its fee structure.
Work can be short or long term. We can also review it at any time.
Strict confidentiality is adhered to and I operate according to the Insititute's /UKCP's Code of Ethics.

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Great appreciation for the places we've been to and the chance to explore my psyche and soul. The demons of the mind are still out to play, but now I bring my love vulnerability and strength to listen to their needs - KC

You have given me a priceless gift, the tools to transform, and now with these tools I head purposefully and hopefully forward. You have carried some of my innermost feelings for me - CV

Thank you so much for your dedication and sincere effort in our work... it has born much fruit and I am grateful - FG

Thank you for the reliable spaces you created for me over these years as I approached myself. Your way of working was a golden thread that enabled the fabric of my life to unfold - JT

I'm really appreciating working with you again - your capacity to focus so completely is a real gift, along with your deeply intuitive and imaginative approach, and your ability to see me in the best possible light ! - SR