The following are events for 2018. I am always adding new events which may not be listed here. To find out more please contact me on

CROSSING THE BRIDGE - a weekend for men
Friday 6th to Sunday 8th April at Hawkwood

Nick Clements and Jay will be offering a space for creative enquiry and sharing where men can find out who and where they are and take this knowledge forward into their lives. The weekend will include time outdoors, group work and writing, drawing on Nick and Jay's joint experience of psychotherapeutic, social and creative work over many years. or Tel: 01453-759034 bookings

April 20th: ANDREW HARVEY public talk at St. Laurence's, and RUMI & THE WAY OF PASSION at Hawkwood (till 22nd), early booking advised

WRITING THE NEW STORY - Saturday May 19th

One day poetry-based writing and personal development workshop with Jay that invites us to look at the transition we are in and give voice to it to understand its specific meaning(s) for us at this time of change, and what it means for us to realize the stories we have been living byand the new story we want to envision. or Tel: 01453-759034 bookings

ECO-SHAMANIC POETRY WORKSHOP - (with Mandy Pullen) - Sunday 20th/21st May at Avebury, a Gatekeeper trust event

All info and booking from

FIRE IN THE HEART - poetry and personal development retreat at Findhorn May 28th-Jun 1st (half-term week) 2018

We look forward to welcoming back Jay to Findhorn after his outstanding contribution to the Love, Magic & Miracles conference in 2012 with Andrew Harvey, Caroline Myss and Thomas Moore.

In this challenging and de-stabilising time of change we need to open up more to our own inner guidance, wisdom and authority. We can all find the inner fire that we and the world need to create wholeness and become all we are capable of being.

In this workshop we use creative writing and poetry to give voice to this most authentic, radical part of who we are, what we can see as the poet in us. It is a space for you to open to your inner riches of imagination and feeling. Expertly led, the workshop leads you through a series of tried and tested exercises designed to spark and unravel your authentic expression, on your own, with each other and in the natural environment. We will also engage in one to one work and feedback within the group sessions.

Return home feeling recharged, inspired and more able to find your way on your journey through life.

This dynamic workshop was originally run to great acclaim at Cortijo Romero and Schumacher College. Further info from Thomas, Comms Team: or Tel: 01309-690605

IMMERSION - (with Peter Owen Jones) - Sunday 8th to Weds 11th July at Hawkwood

Refresh your soul with nature, poetry and conversation. This thoughtful and deeply eco-spiritual journey acknowledges the fragility of life as we know it, but encourages us to live and act from a place of interdependence and communion with all that sustains us. Everything we will do here will be 'immersive' in giving us contact and recconnection with what matters most, and the inspiration as well as presence for our lives that is evoked within us. Time spent outdoors, talks, poetry and group work - as well as one to one sessions and dance* - will cultivate a generous and authentic way of being, with two experienced and exceptional guides.

* with Cliona O'Connail (Earthbeats): originally run at Schumacher College.